Talpa LH-217

Talpa LH-217 is being produced by Ersencer Engineering.

This diesel powered loader can be used to shovel, load and transport the loosen materials in mines and other underground tunnel operations. The underground diesel loader can also be applied to the tunnel engineering in railway, highway and water conservation projects, it is especially suitable for working under the wicked conditions such as narrow, low-rise and muddy working places.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)

7.497 mm (x) 1.650 mm (x) 2.000 mm(max)

Weight (Empty/Loaded)

9.700 kg. / 13.200 kg.


High Strength Steel


4 Cylinder Turbo // 74,5kw @ 2200rpm // 330Nm @ 1600rpm


Breakout Force: 6.500 kg. // Bucket: 1,7 m3

Max Speed

1st Gear: 4,4 km/h // 2nd Gear: 9,7 km/h // 3rd Gear: 26,2 km/h


1200 - 20


Fail-safe and immersed cooled (Spring applied hydraulic released SAHR)


Full Hydraulic - Joystick

Turning Radious (IN/OUT)

2750 mm // 5050 mm

Hydraulic Pressures (Steering/Hydraulics)

150 bar / 200 bar (Adjustable)

Electric / Electronic

12V 105 Ah with two accumulators, Head Lights, Parking Light, Brake Light, Rear Travel Buzzer, Main Electric Circuit Braker, Flash Light

Ersencer Engineering reserves the right to alter all above details without prior notice.